What do I do if I am interested in seeking psychological services from Gibbs Psychology?

Seeking referral or referring yourself

You are welcome to contact Gibbs Psychology directly on 08 7225 1054 to make general inquiries as to how we can assist you. If interested in making an appointment, there are several options available:

1. Referral Under the Better Access Program

You can speak with your General Practitioner to see whether you are eligible for a Mental Health Care Plan under the Better Access to Mental Health Initiative. To do this, it is helpful to arrange a longer consultation with your doctor to give him/her the time needed to assess your needs.

If eligible, your General Practitioner will provide a Mental Health Care Plan and Referral letter advising of your mental health needs. You must provide both of these documents to Gibbs Psychology at your first appointment. A psychiatrist can also provide a referral letter.

Referral by your General Practitioner will usually enable you to access up to six initial government subsidised sessions (ie Medicare rebates) and you are welcome to contact Gibbs Psychology with regards to the remaining gap payment. After six sessions your doctor will assess your progress and authorise an additional four sessions if needed. Generally, you can access ten sessions per calendar year, depending on your needs.

2. Referrals Under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA)

If eligible for a referral under the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, please make a time to speak with your General Practitioner who must complete referral form D904 and provide a brief letter stating the reason for referral. Please advise at the time of making an appointment if a referral has been made under DVA, and bring the referring documentation provided by your GP to the first session with you. There are no gap payments for people referred under DVA.

3. Sessions through Private Health Benefits

To find out what financial assistance you might have under Private Health Benefits, contact your Private Health Provider to find out what cover you have and how to claim your benefits. Tax invoices are provided at all times for this purpose.

4. Privately funded sessions

Where people are not eligible under the Better Access Program and do not have private health insurance, you are still welcome to make an appointment and will be responsible for the full fee. Gibbs Psychology offers experience and understanding, ensuring that you receive benefit from your consultation.